New Book Release by Andersen Alumnus Doug Laney: “Data Juice: 101 Real-World Stories of How Organizations Are Squeezing Value From Available Data Assets”

Author: Douglas Laney, Former Andersen Consulting manager and Gartner distinguished analyst, currently Innovation Fellow with West Monroe

All too often organizations fixate on building evermore reports with pretty pie charts or dashing dashboards instead of using data and analytics to transform the business. After all, they’re simple to create, don’t require a lot of data or data integration, and are easy to understand. However, organizations really moving the needle are those using data and analytics, not for basic hindsight reporting, but rather for diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analyses, or to automate or digitalize aspects of their business.

Laney’s latest book, Data Juice is a follow-up to his international best-seller, Infonomics: How to Monetize, Manage, and Measure Information as an Asset for Competitive Advantage in which he shared dozens of actual use cases.

Data Juice, however, is more of a reference book meant to inspire (or shame) business, data, and technology leaders into becoming more data-driven. Each story is accompanied by a set of searchable tags, indicators of the types of benefits achieved, and an expert commentary by one of dozens of the world’s top practitioners and thought leaders.

Is the juice worth the squeeze? Very often it is. Most of these real-world examples include significant economic benefits well beyond their investment.

Already Data Juice has received accolades from executives around the world, including:

“A must-have reference book for executives and business leaders who need to digitize their organizations and leverage data as an actual asset.” --Leandro Andrade, Senior VP, Chief Data & Analytics Officer no Banco de Crédito

“The book data practitioners have been waiting for.” --Nino Letteriello, President, DAMA Italia, and CEO and Founder, ENNE Management Consulting

Data Juice trades data and AI hype for practical, real-world examples to inspire leaders and innovators.” --Paul Drennan, SVP Chief Commercial & Operations Data Science Officer, The Hartford

“A body of knowledge that should be required reading for boards of directors, executives and industry leaders....A master class for current and future leaders in the practical applications of data. Highly recommended.” -- Andrew Andrews, Vice President, DAMA Australia, and Data Governance Lead, Group Risk Information Delivery, ANZ

Data Juice is refreshing! It should be read by both those starting their data journey and those looking to turbo-boost their own initiatives.” --Barry Panayi, Chief Data & Insight Officer, John Lewis Partnership

Data Juice is a timely, complementary, and empowering follow-up to Laney's breakthrough book, Infonomics, and is a must-read for anyone who is serious about understanding data and its value.” --Benjamin Wiles, Chief Data Officer, Clemson University

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