Maintaining a successful and relevant business in an age of technological disruption requires an adaptive team, a culture of life-long learning and strong leadership. I could not help but think of these traits as I watched Alabama win the College Football Playoff and be declared National Champions on Monday January 8th, 2018. A coach, not afraid to make a #BoldMove, replacing his starting quarterback, one with a winning record of 23-2, in favor of a freshman with little playing experience. A team following direction and executing like no other, preserving its place in the record books. What #BoldMove are you willing to make in 2018?

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Kirk Hancock

Alumni Last Call – Directory Publication

Andersen Alumni Association and PCI will be wrapping up efforts on our 4th Edition Quadrennial Directory due out Fall of 2018. If you have not updated your contact and profile information, please do so now.


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